Wednesday, November 19, 2014

You’ve roasted the turkey all morning, prepared dishes all day, and as you stick the turkey with the carving fork you realize you have no idea how to serve the most important dish of the day. You look up to see the anxious eyes of your family all gathered around the table so you start cutting. Anybody who has carved a thanksgiving turkey knows the pressure of cutting it in front of the entire family. The first piece of advice is, don’t carve it in the dining room. By all means, show off your work to all your guests, but when it actually comes time to cut it do so in the kitchen where there the pressure is low. It’s also better to have more space to carve. So if it is your first time carving, or you have been doing it for years, here are some step by step instructions on the art of carving.

  1.       Grasp the legs and cut around the seams where the leg meets the body
  2.        Flip the bird upside down and peel the legs up off the joint
  3.        Flip the bird back over
  4.        Locate the joint where wings meet body and cut through to remove the wings
  5.        Cut down following the center breastplate
  6.        Turn knife to the side and cut down following along the ribs
  7.       Slice breasts and thighs into medallions
  8.       Present on a platter with garnishing of choice

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Montreal is a melting pot of cultures that strongly influences the culture and cuisine of this modern city. Italian, Jewish, Greek and Lebanese immigrants have given the city a unique cuisine. The most famous menu items in Montreal are the smoked meat sandwiches and Montreal bagels. Lebanese Felafels and Japanese sushi have become very popular in Montreal as well. The tourism and nightlife in Montreal are also increasingly popular, and each year the city sees about 14 million visitors. Many Americans find themselves visiting Montreal to indulge in the culture of the city and the vibrant nightlife offered. The festivals and street fairs in Montreal draw thousands of people throughout the year. One of the most popular events of the year is the Montreal International Jazz Festival. It is the biggest jazz festival in the world, features hundred of artists and draws huge crowds to Montreal. The festival lasts over a week for all the music enthusiasts. The city has a mix of French and English speakers even though French is the primary language spoken in Montreal. To celebrate different regions of our world, the marketplace will be featuring French food with a Montreal twist on November 13.
 Easy Soft Pretzels
Pretzels are one of the simplest and most popular snack foods in the world today. They are eaten all over, in all kinds of situations. From a Superbowl party snack bowl, to ancient German cultural events pretzels will continue to be enjoyed all over the world. The pretzel dates back to around the year 600 AD. Legend has it that they were invented by German monks to give as rewards for children who learned their prayers. The crossed dough in the middle of the pretzel was symbolic of the children's arms folded across their chests while they prayed. That is how the pretzel got their unmistakable shape. Bakers in Europe to this day use the pretzel symbol over their storefront to advertise their business. The pretzel shape also was used as the bakers guild symbol in the past.

Pretzels came to America in the late 18th century with German and Swiss immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania. Soft pretzel shops popped up all over Pennsylvania and quickly gained popularity in America, and many of the leading pretzel manufacturers in the world are still in the Pennsylvania countryside. With the ease of mass producing these snacks, they quickly became a staple food at sporting events, movie cinemas, and concert halls and even dining halls in the 20th century. Nowadays delicious soft pretzels are enjoyed around the world, most traditionally with a side of spicy brown mustard. In honor of the snack of legends, the marketplace will be celebrating Pretzelpalooza on November 7th, stocked with dipping sauces of your choice. 

Friday, October 31, 2014
      The origins of Halloween as we know it came from the Christian feast of All Hallows day. The feast marks the beginning of a part of the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead saints and martyrs and was celebrated on the last day in October. Jack-o-lanterns originated as a symbol for remembering the souls of the dead. Nowadays we honor the dead by dressing up in costume, carving jack-o-lanterns, and trick-or-treating. Its also a time for some spookier traditions like telling scary stories, going to haunted houses, and watching horror movies. Of course it is also the one night of the year to overindulge on some candy.
      The marketplace will be celebrating today with special Halloween desserts, punch and candy, for everyone. So stop by in your costumes and join in the Halloween spirit!

Monday, October 20, 2014


Food Day 2014 gives Americans the chance to actively start making small, healthy changes in their diets. The annual event brings prominent food activists and everyday people together to enjoy healthy food that is affordable, and produced with care for farm animals, farm workers and servers as well. Food Day gives us a chance to celebrate the positives in the food system in our country as well as a chance to highlight problems and fix where our system is broken.
                Currently, the typical American diet contributes to many long term diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and others. Food Day is a chance to focus on our diets and make a change today, so that we may be healthier and feel better tomorrow. The Marketplace, in our efforts to bring healthy food to all students, will feature fresh, healthy options from local farms on October 24th. Unique produce dishes will be featured on this day, as a very meat-heavy diet is neither healthy nor environmentally friendly. Keep in mind, the point of this movement is to live a little bit healthier one day at a time so let’s use this as a catalyst to live healthier all year!